Tito Ortiz' name.

Is Jacob, right? Where does Tito come from? Is that his middle name?

Is it Jacob Tito Ortiz?

Jacob's right up there w/ Jeremiah & Ezekial.

his name is jacob, tito is a nickname from when he was a kid

maybe it was a nickname from when he was a kid or maybe his Mom called him that. Why is he a suicide blond?

Its Charles Jacob Ortiz


fuck u tank abbot 1 !

"I'm Michael, you're Toto."


Jacobito == Little Jacob (In spanish).

Tito = shortcut to Jacobito.

Jacobito could also mean l'il jew!

This thread has a Yossarian vibe to it.

Did the FUTA1 screen name start over a jacket?

LOL Tito Jackson.

porno company...