Tito Ortiz vs Logan Paul anyone?

who is the bigger pumpkin?

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Not no, but fuck no.

All I care to see is:

Anderson vs Logan

Vitor vs Jake


Askren wants an opponent he could KO. I’d say he has a shot with Tito.


logan over tito all day and night. he just beat the p4p best boxer ever, what does tito have for him other than a guaranteed ko real knockout jajaja?

Stop it buddddyyyyyyy lol.


??? i am not joking in the least. logan paul ko’s tito, no doubt about it. did you see how absolutely mechanical tito was in the silva fight? he can’t box to save his life… logan can jajaja…

No not that part

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Boxing Logan KOs him it would be hilarious. Tito could beat Holyfield maybe if he was lucky. Dude doesn’t deserve any favours deliberately coming in overweight

Not likely. He’s not elusive enough to create an opening for the shot Anderson landed. Tito could use straight shots to keep him outside. Other than Ben landing a big telegraphed overhand that would need to cover distance, he’s got no chance.

Tito might have had a chance of getting that fight BEFORE he got faceplanted by Anderson. Now, maybe Tito-Askren?

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I just wanna see Tito get KO’d again. If its Logan than so be it.

Who wants to give Tito another big payday after that performance against Anderson?

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I don’t think we’ll see Tito fight any other big names unless he’s in the undercard lmaoo

Or a last minute fight

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Can someone answer why the fuck Tito was punching so slow vs Silva?
Is he THAT slow now or what? Wtf to ou don’t even practice on the heavy bag or mitts that slow.

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I gotta get my mind right, I initially thought wtf Tito just got KOd WHY would Logan Paul fight him?

Then I remembered, oh yea that’s how this stuff works now.

Tito is delusional if he thinks his stock went up after this loss.

Lol you ain’t kidding