Tito Ortiz will be Champ next year

MMAWeekly reports that next year in April he is fighting Forrest, then in October he fights Ken Shamrock at the end of TUF 3. If he wins both of those he is promised a title shot. It will be around the end of next year im guessing.

1) Tito is going to beat Forrest Griffin, vicious GnP

2) Tito's fight with Ken is going to be a bigger beatdown than their first fight.

3) Tito is then going to take out chuck or randy in a re-match (which ever is champ at the time)

wait and see!!!!!!!!!!


I personally cant wait for the seriers of Tito fights that soon to come. Like him or hate him hes fun to watch.

" I personally cant wait for the seriers of Tito fights that soon to come. Like him or hate him hes fun to watch."

Yes. But no fucking way he gets past Randy or Chuck.

maybe not, but Id love to see the rematches

Tito is boring

Raw or Smackdown?

ninja please!

I completely agree, tito will be so hell bent on chuck, his only emotion will be revenge and forget that old friendship, tito will dominate and will be like LV Rider says "champ" he is the greatest

Tito had better hope that Randy and Chuck retire, because he doesn't have the wrestling skill to beat Randy --that much was obvious from their first fight-- or the striking skill to beat Chuck --that much was obvious from Chuck's brutal KO of Tito. He matches up poorly with both of them. Yes, I think that Tito will beat a very over-the-hill Ken Shamrock. But who really cares?


If Tito can avoid being poked in the eye again, I think he would wear out chuck in a 5 round fight.

"Tito won't beat Chuck or Randy - and probably wouldn't beat Babalu or even Van Arsdale."
forrestfan has gnp'd the correct big time.

mva is a good idea. although tito heelhooked him in adcc it would b sweet mma.

tito would probably out cardio him late

I also think that either Chuck/Randy will have another title fight before Tito.  So what if Babalu wins the Title?  Who else is in the picture for the LHW Title?


Tito can beat both Forrest and Ken.

The "problem" lies in how he matches up with Chuck and Couture. Chuck did wrestling before he did kickboxing. He is damn hard to takedown and has one-hit KO power. Tito has never been one to trade (ie. he is smart...as much as we love Elvis, if he fought more like Tito (sticks to his gameplan) he might have beat Forrest)). Taking down someone like Chuck without setting it up with striking (like Randy does) is too difficult (in general).

Taking down Couture involves using upper-body takedowns coupled with striking and the occasional shot. Exactly what Randy does. Too much similarity, and Randy has good gas as well.

The thing is, Tito is VERY GOOD at submissions. He just doesn't have the "Minotauro" mindset when he fights. He can't fight like Minotauro and take punches from his guard while he goes for the submission. Tito's ability to defeat both Chuck and Couture will depend on his ability to go for the sub WHILE getting HIT and TAKING risks. Tito doesn't like to take risks (fights smart), and that is what is so difficult.

HOWEVER, Chuck AND Randy (after they fight each other), could EASILY lose to a host of fighters out there. There is a lot of parity at the top.

Shogun just won the Pride 205 lbs tournament. He "barely" beat Minotoro in the process. Minotoro has lost to Vlady. Vlady is, arguably, a better wrestler than Randy, but Tito easily outwrestled Randy.

Tito might be able to beat the man who beat the man (ie. say Babalu gets a sub on Couture, Tito could beat Babalu).

Tito is a "top dog" in this game, and just has to wait until the belt holder matches up well against him. Liddell is almost 40 and Couture is over 40. Tito is, what, 30? Under 30 still?

2007 might well be his year...

or Elvis' (in regards to the King's question about other contendors...Forrest and you are both up and comers, so hopefully we see you back (maybe against Bonner?) and you get on a win streak...)

Max Power brings up an intersting point.

Tito has some of the best cardio in MMA. you have to beat him for 3 rds which wont happen unless your name is CHUCK or Randy

I still say that Chuck and Randy are the only guys capable of beating Tito in the LHW division.  And I think the rematch with Chuck will be a lot better fight.  Not saying Chuck can't win again, just that Tito DOES have a good chance of beating Chuck, and won't be knocked out that easily again.

As to Randy, time will tell.  In another year, old man Time just might be sitting in Randy's corner, finally.  If Randy was 10 years younger, I'd give him ten years of supreme dominance in the division over everyone.  But unfortunately, age catches EVERYONE - even Randy.  I think Randy's only got another year or two before he can't keep up with the younger pup's anymore.  I'd love to see a match with Ken vs. Randy, though!

I would like to see tito vs horn then tito vs Babalu, then chuck again

True it's going to be against the odds & a test for Tito to beat Chuck & Randy but IMO this is Titos chance to make himself a legand & make up for all the "holding out" BS to fight chuck the first time. Tito was UFC LHW Champ for 3 years 5 months(4/14/00-9/26/03) w/ 5 title defenses (ties for most consecutive UFC Title Defenses in a row) & to come back & beat the 2 guys who A) took the title from you & B) KO'd you , then get the title back... legandary Status .