Tito overcame meth addiction



"Program organizers scored a coup this year by attracting Ortiz, the former light-heavyweight mixed martial arts champion nicknamed, "the Huntington Beach Bad Boy," as the keynote speaker. Ortiz recalled growing up in Santa Ana, Calif. at age 5 with parents addicted to heroin.

"I started seeing this and it was a dead-end street. My father lost his job, my mother would do whatever she could to help their habit, and so forth," Ortiz said.

Eventually, after 16 years together, his parents split up and he stayed with his stepfather and mother.

"I was hanging out with some of my friends when a rival gang pulled up. They said, 'Where are you from?' All of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, gunshots go off," Ortiz said. "You hear the bullets hit the cement. It's a very scary moment at the age of 12."

Ortiz said his stepfather gave him $800 at the age of 18 and pushed him out of the house. He used methamphetamine until he was 20."

Good for Tito. Say what you want about his brash personality, but you have to respect the guy. Overcoming drug addiction especially when your parents were abusers is no easy task.

If only Jenna could do the same.

Yeah parents on heroine is no joke, my dad took my older brother
robbing houses with him until he got busted. I grew up without a house
after he ran off with the rent money. My Mom was a typical hippie drug
addict too. Shitty life but I dont pass that shit on. I am married with two
kids that get straight a's and do not do drugs.

You can either be a part of lifes cycle or make your own path, seems like
Tito is on a much better path. Meth may be harder to kick then Heroine.

^^^ ouch

Cranial Gigantism. Just in case you needed another reason to stay away from meth.

good for tito. he is an inspiration to many

az, heroin is the worst drug to kick...

That's a nice article. Ortiz is a good guy with a great story.

"If only Jenna could do the same."

Damn it. You beat me to it

Car Crashes will do that to you.

Guy is even more of a hero than I thought.

Good for Tito, He has not put all his eggs in one basket, I don't think he is a great fighter like he once was but he does not need to be and he still makes great money

Bootsy - That really you?

Enough of the Tito slamming. He seems like a really good person.


I think it's fun to slam Tito, and he invites it with his antics and attitude in the MMA world, but that doesn't mean I think he's a bad person or hasn't overcome a lot of things and done good for others. I dislike his persona, not his person. I don't think he's the sharpest knife in the drawer, though, based on the way he handles his business and the things he says sometimes. But he's busted his ass to overcome some daunting odds in his life, so I respect him on that level quite a bit.

"az, heroin is the worst drug to kick..."

You cant say what drug is the hardest to kick. Different people have very different experiences. A friend of mine who battled drugs for many years says heroin withdrawal was nothing compared to alcohol withdrawal. Actually alcohol is the only kind of withdrawal that can kill you and you can buy that shit everywhere.