whos wrestling is better..titos takedown arent so vicious as rampages slams..can rampage stuff titos takedowns and keep it standing?..if tito gets it on the ground will he be able to keep it there?will tito do his gnp or surprise every1 and go for a sub??

Rampage would fight tito if the money was rite...

strange.... since rampage himself said last week that he would not fight tito. so i get the sense that they are better friends than tito and chuck were

Rampage is MUCH stronger. Tito can probably outstrike him, but may also get thrown like a rag doll if he tries.

I realize that Tito stopped takedowns from much better wrestlers (the Janitor), but Tito also wasn't opening up with strikes too much.

Fight could go either way; depends on how both fighters come out. If Tito comes out like he did vs. Ken, it could be a bad day for Rampage. If Rampage comes out flat, trying to pace himself (instead of just trying to overwhelm Tito), he doesn't have a chance.

didn't rampage say that tito gets te best of him in training? It may be because tito is the better "grappler" though.

I caught rampage/lidell this week on fsn, (this being maybe the 5th time Ive fully watched it)and hurt knee or not, Rampage has chucks #. he's just a real bad matchup for him.

I think the way they match up, Tito has a better chance of beating Rampage than Chuck does.

Sure they are friends, but the real question is did Rampage sleep on Tito's couch like CHACK?