Tito vs BJ!

You guys see Tito grab Jenna behind the head and push it down at UFC 67? He tried to kiss her and she kinda pulled away. He then grabbed her behind the head and pushed it down towards his junk. They have a little laugh over it, and then she puts her head down and motions like she's giving him a BJ.


It was during one of the fighter's pre-octagon entrance "cup checks."

  1. when you said BJ, we all thought about BJ Penn, and not of Jenna's oral attempts. So I opened the thread imagining to find some stupidity about this fantasy match-up. But instead I found an even dumber beavis-buttheadesque clause of a teenager dying of excitement over a mastrubation material. A couple goofing with one another sexually.

Then another, even dumber teenager asking for a proof so he can convince himself that its true.

What is there to discuss? Should we discuss whether she ever blew him?

You can get the fuck off my thread, mozart.

And yes. I'm LOL @ your old ass referring to Beavis and Butthead.

Go get a colonoscopy, you old bitch.

You think she ever blew him?

You know what, I think she did alborz, I get the impression she is "that kind of a girl".. himph himph(old guy whimpers spastically..)

Imo, you'd have to be sporting a hogleg to phase her.

Fingering Jenna would probably be like trying to get the last of the peanut butter out of the jar.

^^TTT for seventh grade sex.