Tito vs. Ken II ???

Is this really happening at UFC 50? That's some really dumb shiznit if so.

this rumored match disgusts me

and art has painted the correct

Thats a stupid match.

It's the biggest money match they have. Some hardcore fans may not like it, but there's not enough of us to even fill the building.

I don't think the hardcore fans will be interested either. Thney were interested last time because of the history and hatred. That's all gone.

I really hope this doesn't happen, or at least if it does it happens at heavyweight. If the reports are correct, Tito is being a real pussy about this.

I'm interested in seeing Tito beat on Shammy again

I really want to see this fight if it's at heavyweight.

How about Shamrock vs. Couture? At least we haven't seen that one yet.

Tito vs a healthy Ken is a dream match up. I think Tito will win, but now I question Tito's chin.
Does Tito stand toe to toe with Ken because he thinks he can or does he do what he does best ground in pound.

This fight is POINTLESS

I'm 100% sure that Ken will win.



Tito refuses to fight Ken above 205.

Either have the fight at heavyweight or don't have it all. If Tito is so confident of winning, what does he have to lose by simply not cutting weight? He will be bigger than Ken anyway.

If it's really Ken that wants a rematch, then they should fight at Tito's weight. I just say whoever is wanting the rematch more should make the concession.


This match will be a good pay day for both fighters.

Ken's said in an interview a while back that he wanted to fight Tito again and wanted to beat him before anyone else. This was prior to the Couture/Tito fight.

I think Ken wants this more than Tito and I don't think this will be as easy a win as it was for Tito last time. This should be a heavyweight fight.