tito vs nick diaz

nick wanted to fight tito after tito had a "tune" up fight in strikeforce.. but according to graciefighter.com that will not be happening since tito is going back to the ufc... damn that would have been good fight...


The Bodybag - what wait would it have been at?205...someone on here said Nick walks around at 210. I don't know about that, but there's no way Tito could make 185. That would have been one hell of a fight! I think Diaz would beat him by decision. Not horrible Tito is in the UFC now though, lots of good fights for Tito in the UFC though...

weird fight, nick diaz is one of my faves currently but i have to say that tito woulda pounded him pretty good, most likely a decision victory

Tito would wreck Diaz.

 diaz by submission

The Bodybag - what wait would it have been at?

apparently a long one

Diaz by 300 strikes of melon popping boxing.

Tito will look like an eggplant the next day.

Tito worked with iha and lister for YEARS an is a dangerous, but underrated submission grappler.

No way nick taps him with tito throwing bombs from the top position.

In im all 209 for life and shit son...

.....but this is a large light heavyweight fighting a small middleweight here...


10thplanetzombie - 
MolsonMuscles - Tito would wreck Diaz.

lol i personally think diaz would GSP some difficulties

hes the only one that could beat him or get close to beating him

you guys ont know the power of Nick.

The same Diaz that lost to Parisyan, Sanchez, Riggs, Sherk, and KJ? Diaz would get mauled to death by GSP.

 I can't stand Tito, but I'd pay good money to see ANYBODY knock the shit out of Diaz.

Hell, I can't stand KJ either, but man, I loved the straight up ass whooping he put on Nick.