Tito vs. Rashad (bluenamer please)

This is what Tito's going to do to Rashad; Rashad will never see it coming. Tito is one legend of the sport that is not ready to become a door-mat.



Come on Card!!!! Use your bluename for good not evil!! Rashad is legit, but Tito is not going to be anybodies stepping stone.

Great thread!

FYI, Tito would have caught that shin in his mouth, chewed on it like a piece of corn, and spit back in Rashad's face.

LMMFAO @ that Asian chick!!!

I never noticed that! She looks like an intruder just kicked down her bedroom door! bwahahhaa!

"Come on Card!!!! Use your bluename for good not evil!!"

ok =) BLIND


LOL CARD! I didn't even realize you did that. When I saw that gif I was like, "wtf?!... Great thread!" hahahaha 10!

I've never noticed that asian chick befor either hilarious, there is a guy to her right to that doesn't cheer he just puts his hand over his mouth and flinches like he's say "oh my god" or "eeewww"

Let's forget about the asian chick!!

sad that this pro-Tito thread has turned into a showcase for Rashad's lucky leg kick

TTT for a bluenamer to post the real clip.

everytime i see that vid of rashad's dance or whatever it was i crack up laughing, wouldn't be so bad but im at work and supposed to be working not lurking on the UG

Since it's a funny joke to put "blind" and then post the wrong video, I too will be an ass and post:


JoPe, I like the Pro-Tito enthusiasm.

Thanks bry,

Here's a little message for the haters:



I hope to God I meet you some day you Godless piece of crap!