Tito's eye is still damaged

OMG people are stupid!One fight with a massive thumb in the eye doesn't make you a weak person or fighter!Has anyone in MMA history lost before?Everyone loses and you peopl are so stupid to say he has nothing left because he has lost, look at Couture, the guy got dominated twice in a row and came back to be one of the best ever, so it's possible that Tito will come back in great form and get back to where he was in status with you morons who sya he has nothing left!

His eye still looks pretty f'ed up to me.

ok first let me say as many here will back me up i was screaming at the top of my keystrokes that tito was dodgeing chuck and that i thought he was afraid and would get his ass kicked.That and i remember saying some to the effect that the only way tito could affectively prepare for a fight with chuck was to get a gun permit. With all that said after watching the fight which i have on my computer and if anyone can help i will post i just dont know how.
It is obveise that the thumb to the eye changed the fight.tito looked confertable standing with chuck and was agresive till just after the thumb to the eye when he stoped all offense and just coverd up then went down. This is a a case where a rematch would be in order but prouble wont happen