Tito's Gameplan?

Obviously, the idea to try and stand and throw hands with Chuck last time didn't work out the way he wanted. What does he need to do different this time to at least give him a shot of defeating Chuck?

I see footage of Tito training and always see him throwing hard thai kicks and knees to the pads. He needs to use some of these techniques in this fight and not forget about them the second he steps in the cage.

Tito has ok footwork and is not going to just stand there for Chuck to land the haymaker. If he utilizes this footwork he can make it easier for him to land some effective strikes. If Tito can land a few solid leg kicks early in the fight it could open some other doors for him (better punches, possible takedowns). I would also like to see Tito try and work the clinch. He did it with Ken and seemed to do a lot of damage from there. Granted Chuck is more scrappy than Ken, but if Tito is able to get a hold of him he NEEDS to work his knees and some dirty boxing in there.

This is a 5 round fight. We all know Tito has crazy cardio, and can go hard for 5 rounds. He needs to execute early, land some shots and make it possible for him to get the takedown later on in the fight. If he can do that, it should be interesting.


step ahead of ya ptm just ttt'd it a couple minutes ago, lol

I know dude, i just saw it

Gameplan for KUTF should be to honor his pro membership bet with Crowbar IMO.



scary how similar our posts are. nice work.


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    i got nate marquardt v. lister

    The only way I would take Lister is if it was submission grappling.

    LOL @ Hong Kong