Tito's problem..

I admit yo can fall in love with anyone. But sometimes it is important to avoid certain loves before it become a problem.

Example, Tito and Jenna.

Some people have what is called short sightedness, and some people are planners, they can see far.

You remember that guy from high school who like to party too much, always thought about now and never about tomorrow. Well, he is working at a gas station now, while the guy who thought about the future saved and has his own gym, coffee shop, motorcycle shop, hedge fund co. (take your pick).

Tito probably married Jenna because his narrow world of friends worships a very pretty, if not the prettiest porn star ever. But is is very narrow minded, as she might be a wonderful person, but the problems of marrying a porn star are too many.

Example: what the hell is Tito going to do when his kid hits 15 (about the age kids find porn with his buddies), his friend pops in a tape, and another friend goes, "hey, Tito junior, isn't that your mom!?".

Some people don't have the skills to see that far into the future and avoid the problems altogether by simply doing what people who have far sightedness would do... don't marry a porn star.


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wow, very insightful.

you're on a plain of thought above the rest.

so basically you're saying that like, there could be issues in the future when you're married to a pornstar?

that shit is profound, player.

the whole reason I never got into porn and got paid to bang hot chicks was cause I live in orange county and didn't wanna make the commute to the valley...I never even thought about the fact that doing porn could affect my life in other aspects. I'm blown away right now. close call.


what say you, UG?



Yeah,it sounds crazy,but i think i'd let them deal with it since it's there buisness,and not yours!

UfcSpyGUY -  well do you know how many moms have made a porn that millions have seen on the internet these days. lots of moms and future moms so his kids wont have much need to feel lonely because they can just swap milf  tapes by the time they hit that age.. lol

So you're saying we'll eventually live in a society where everyone's moms would have done porn at some time... intereting.