TJ Dillashaw looking shredded ahead of Octagon return

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I was a fan of TJ until he fucked over Faber.

Then I still liked watching him fight.

After the past couple years the main thing I think everyone has learned is he is a fucking prick.

Now, WAR Cory.


He works VERY HARD I can assure you all


I dont doubt it at all and I am probably one of the few who doesn’t think EPO was the factor in his success. It is hearing about how he hurt team mates training and shady shit that made me turn on him.

I think he would have been champ EPO or not. He is clearly very skilled and dedicated.


Some ppl just don’t learn

I sort of hope he wins so heads Will explode


Looking roided

Same, and I like that he’s a prick and a little bit of a dumbass. It’s entertaining because he’ll do and say things that are unexpected.

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Fucked over Faber? So getting the best coaching is fucking someone over? Ya let’s stay at Alpha and not become a champion, good idea.


LOL… TJ is the only guy that gets shit for switching camps. He went with Duane. Do you think Faber taught TJ his striking and footwork? It was either stay a PAY faber or go with Duane and get PAID to train in CO…Only an idiot would have stayed with Faber.


He won the belt while at Alpha but credited Duane.

Let me guess TJ juiced and Faber never did?


Hopefully Dillashaw looks like a killer. Who is he training with now?

trainers hate him

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Sarcastic The Ultimate Fighter GIF by UFC

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Love TJ, dude is a star

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We dont need anymore company men.

More T-Fergs, Dillashaws, maybe even Bones…might not be great people, but i love a good, WTF did he just say moment.

CEO of EPO as Colby would say.

Fuck all the haters. Lets go TJ!


Unlikable as can be, but no denying he’s darn good.

If he flounders, the haters get to say I told you so. If he’s successful, Cejudo may come back.