TJ Grant victorious!

just dropping a congrats to tj, knew you could do it, wish i could've been there. kyle says congrats too. for those who missed the fight i found this pbp at

TJ Grant def. Rob Wynne by Submission (Armbar) at 4:54 of the 2nd round

It was definetly a ground fight as both guy were exchanging ground positions. Grant's technique were superior. Wynne resisted at the end of the first round and became agressive, trying a heel hook immediately followed by an armbar. In stand up position Grant dominated with his knees and back to the ground, Grant finally submitted Wynne at 4:54 of the secound round.

Awesome fight. Congrats TJ on a good win. You showed a lot of heart and technique to beat a very game Rob Wynne. We are all proud of you.

Congrats TJ!

Scott, does that count for the belt?

Congrats TJ, it was a good fight.


Congrats T.J. you showed a lot of patience in your win. Thanks also to Scott for lending me a hand with Shawn.

Suffer System Fight Team

Congrats TJ you fought a very good Gladiator fighter.
Best of luck in the future.
Also good luck to Shawn, good fight and maybe we'll do it again down the line bud! Look us up in K town if you guys are ever in the area.

Good job TJ!


good job TJ!

No, TJ's fight wasn't for the belt. Back to the drawing board and maybe soon enough....

All the guys from Gladiator were class acts and fought thier asses off. Best of luck in the future.

A big thanks to all the guys from Suffer Systems for helping out and making us feel at home.

Congrats TJ.

Congrats TJ. If you win your next 4 matches, KOD will give you a free shirt.

Where was this fight at? did ecc have another card ?
I am out of the loop now that I am not around. Congrats TJ you are the fucking man.

It was UGC in Quebec.

ECC 4 is Dec 02 in Halifax.

any thoughts from the fans on who they'd like to see tj fight next?

BJ Penn


Fight of the night imo. TJ was very impressive, nice guard!

Norm Naas