TKD is Olympic Level, NHB is NOT

If your MMA.NHB fighting were so great, then why
are there no NHB or MMA Gold Medallists???

BECAUSE NHB isn't good enough for the

No, I doubt that is true at all.

MMA is plenty good enough for the Olympics. There are just other sports that will go through first, such as Jujitsu and Pankration.

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Where was taekwondo when NHB (Pankration) was part of ancient olimpics?

Mixed Martial Arts is the modern form of the Pankration which was one of the original Olympic events from thousands of years ago. Technically MMA was an Olympic event long before Tae Kwon Do was.

the real question is how long would an olympic TKD champ last in the cage...

Ricksons is right. Football sucks too because it isn't in the Olympics either.



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I trained TKD with David Douglas, back in the day. He was very good and although I could not do it now, I do know what to look for.

Also, trained with Yoshihisa Tanaka who is a former #10 ranked ITF point fighter in Japan.

TKD boy goes down to the mat hard and gets choked out.

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