TKD vs. Grappler

Ok so I finally have proof but unfortunately it will only be my eye witness report because I didn't have a video camera. So the details are of course reliable and honest and should therefore end this silly debate. Anyways, so there I was driving to work when a little bit of fisticuffs on the side of the road catches my attention. There are three kids, about 8 years old, waiting for their school bus. Two boys and one girl. Now the two boys get into a pushing match when the one, obviously a great student of the art of TKD, starts throwing high kicks and least that's what I think it was, they were so fast I could barely tell. So anyways the other boy, obviously the grappler of the group took the bjj method of dealing with the TKD kid...he lifted his finger and pointed at the kid...he then opened his mouth in what must have been the loudest laugh i've ever heard, turned away from the terrifying speed and accuracy of the attack, took the girl by the hand and walked back to the rest of the kids that were there. The TKD kid lost the girl, lost the honour and just plain lost the battle.

OMG! you just described my whole junior high school social life!

it's nothing a little therapy can't help you get over

really tuff guy felix.
Comparing us men to 8 year olds is really accurate.
OK Felix, how do you explain the K1 guys kicking the crap out of the grapplers.
The last K1 v.s. UFC fight I saw was on spiketv.

The K1 fighter kick the living crap out of the almost undefeated grappler.
Now this fight was not officially billed as a K1 v.s. UFC fight, but it was definatly a K1 style fighter.
Try me felix.
Get us booked in a cage and settle our debate like real men.

i have to say k1 is alot different from tkd