TKO 15...

Is there a date set for TKO 15?
Who is expected to be fighting?
Any title fights?

I believe it's scheduled for January. I hear The Crow will be on the card and I believe Bruckmann gets to beat up Goulet for the Canadian 155lbs belt.

Just a few suggestions:

St. Pierre vs Black or Alessio

Nancoo vs Hominick

Gill vs Bang

St Pierre VS Black would be sweet,,, get Mark Loft on the card as well.

Jeremy Horn...


oh yeah that guy too....

Man, I'm so there. I won't have to do any more school work till finals in May!!!!!:)

Kellett you better be there man....

crazyhook I will be there just to buy you and JHR beer untill you can't drink no more!!!!! Be sure to let me know when you're in TO, dude.

Jon will do.... first ones on me in TO should be around the 20th if you are around

Nice, but that means we'll have to be drinking egg nog my friend.

Egg nog it is Kellett, i will bring uo mommas secret mix

St-Pierre is scheduled to fight at UFC 46

I would like to see...

St. Pierre Vs. Black

Gill Vs. Ludwig