Quebec city (Canada) - The TKO 16: INFERNAL official press conference was a huge success as more than 40 media representatives showed up to get all the information on TKO's best card ever.

A lot of the media present at this press conference knew nothing or very little about the sport of MMA and TKO President Stephane Patry along with the TKO athletes on hand did a stellar job of educating the media and the new fans on our great sport.

The entire spotlight was on hometown hero Patrick Cote who described this fight with Mahood as just another step in his career. "...I knocked out someone that did not lose a fight in over 3 years and was never knocked out in his whole career and from what I saw at TKO 15 in February, Pellerin was beating the living shit out of Mahood until he passed out due to dehydration in between round 2 and 3... Mahood is going back to BC head first..."

Donald Ouimet was apparently in a very bad mood at the press conference as he warned David Goulet on a few occasions to "shut is mouth...". The veteran quite evidently doesn't like the young champion and hopes Goulet will stand and strike with him: "I'll knock him out senseless...".

Former World Middleweight Champion David Loiseau was very emotional for this press conference and he made a statement that was very popular amongst the media and fans "...I remember when Jason St-Louis knocked me out from a knee strike, the first thing Steve Vigneault did was meeting with Stephane Patry to get a shot at St-Louis. Vigneault didn't care about the title back then, and he didn't even feel he was ready for a guy like St-Louis - he just did it because of our friendship... It's the same thing now - Fontaine knocked him out the same way I got knocked out, and it's now my turn to avenge my friend..."

TKO Communications also confirmed that 2,800 tickets were already sold for the event as the major publicity campaign only starts in 10 days. For more information:

Also present at the press conference: TKO VP-Operations Marc Brisebois, TKO Director of Operations Sebastien Provencher, TKO Director of Public and Media Relations Ryan Bergeron, TKO Color Commentaror Jean-Phillipe Ethier and TKO athletes Jonathan Goulet, Iccho Larenas and Phillipe Lagace.

"...Mahood is going back to BC head first..."

... With the belt secured firmly around his waist.....


Good story line with Crow avenging for Lion thinking :)

Donald is one easy going dude...that young buck must have really pissed him


Ouimet by TKO or SUB

good pick...i say choke rd 2. That said I do think that Goulet is a talented young fighter...just not quite where Don is.


Anybody else getting really excited about Cote vs Mahood? Should be an awesome fight, hopefully I can make it out there.

Coté vs Mahood will be an awesome fight.

Any pics?

What did Mahood and Fontaine say at the press conference?

Glad to see that " A lot of the media present at this press conference knew nothing or very little about the sport of MMA and TKO President Stephane Patry along with the TKO athletes on hand did a stellar job of educating the media and the new fans on our great sport."...that is a very positive thing to see, but I'm just curious which MMA media parties were invited, other than the local newspapers. Would it not make sense to have some of our 'own' people in there to ask the 'right' questions?

Nice ticket sales...can this be verified somewhere, seeing as it should be public knowledge? I hope you're telling the truth Stephane and I for one am praying for a successful show. It would be good for MMA to have a large fanbase in Quebec City and not have a Rimouski situation again. I remember that Rimouski had the same amount of tickets sold.

Let's hope for MMA purposes, you get a sellout.

Rimouski...dag just reading that name took another few years off my already short life :)

Good questions tho...was sherdog, showdown,arnold ect present?


"Good story line with Crow avenging for Lion thinking :) "

Story is right, they're always hanging out together, best of friends.


The difference between Rimouski and Quebec is that a lot of fans couldn't make the trip over there because it's about 6 hours drive from Montreal, Quebec is only two hours away.

In Rimouski you had 3 locals guys fighting in the undercard who didn't have a clue on what fighting is. In Quebec you have 5 guys fighting from quebec who sells lot of tickets and a guy like Patrick Coté sells tickets not only to people from Quebec.

The fan base has raised since two years also. I'm expecting at least 4000 people in the attendance for that show.
Guys like Ouimet and Dubé just by themselves are able to sell 250 tickets each.

Hey've sited a small portion of the Ramooski problem....more local talent would have helped out for sure. You really think the fan base has risen since UCC 6 and 7?

LOL @ scarface! PIMP whats your email addy computer crashed again..damn DELL!! :0


For sure the fan base has raised, there's more and more fighters from Quebec Province, over the last two years, we discovered Patrick Coté, Phillipe Lagacé, Jonathan Goulet, David Goulet, Thierry Quenneville, Stéphane Dubé, George St-Pierre, Stephane Vigneault, these guys are bringing new fans to the sport, and with the regular programmation of the show on RDS (french TSN ) is bringing more and more fans.

And i'm not counting the canadian talent from the others provinces, Hominick (people are cheering more for him than the local talent), Ryan Diaz, Bill Mahood, Kajun Johnson, Denis Kang etc.

Cheers to that Yannick!!!! It seems that the MMA talent floodgate has burst!!! Hopefully this equates to larger gates at the live shows!!!

hope to see you soon,


You cannot argue with YL2's logic about Quebec fighters. There's no competition with the exception of BC. BC will be right up there within a year.

It's tough to compare any province with Quebec in terms of MMA. They have 2-3 different promotions, a TV show for one of their promotions, media that will cover the event, fans that love fighting, be it boxing or MMA. BIG BIG difference than say Ontario, where you would not have that type of success right off the bat.

Quebec MMA is extremely lucky right now. The rest of the county has alot of catching up to do. It also translates into the fighters skills. There is no comparison.

All the best to The Butcher from all at Spartan who were very impressed with the way he handled himself in and out of the ring. Sounds like it is going to be a cracker of a fight.

Happy to see that my logic seems to be right.

Your logic is bang on in Quebec...Im thinking more a Canadian thing though...AND Im curious as to what the UCC / TKO gates have been since the UCC 6 and 7 era. Has it declined or increased?

all the best!


UCC 6 and 7 were specials events, the boxer Stephane Ouellet is a very popular character here in Quebec, people paid to see him fight against Jeff Davis, imagine!!! And against Pain it was incredible. UCC 6 and 7 were kind of exceptions. In Rimouski i think they were about 1500 tickets sold, UCC 10 in Hull about 3500 tickets, and if my memory is good i think it was about the same thing for UCC 11, at UCC 12 it was a little more i think. For the rest i'm not sure so i won't advance anything.