TKO 18: Video of the MMARR award

Check it out. Not sure how long I'm going to keep this up.

Who on team Tompkins was that yelling "wheeeew! Two times baby two times!"? It makes me laugh everytime I hear it. LOL


JHR... great job presenting the award. You would be an asset to TSN's broadcasting team


My voice was SOOOOO fucked up and hoarse...

Sam rocks :)

That was a great surprise for me and a great honour to give out Arnold's fighter of the night award.

Thanks Steph for allowing me to do so !

Thanks Antico for putting this up.

I believe that's Pecker yelling "two times" and "shooter" !


so that's you JHR, eh?

no problemo

That's me. I'm easy to miss because I tend to blend in...


Atta boy, JHR. You look good behind the mic buddy!

JHR is shexy .. :)

Thanks Antico

I will download that video and only watch it when I need to induce vomiting. JHR is one ugly bastard.


Good job JHR.

Anyone else think Sam Stout is an absolute star? He handled himself with pure class, spoke like he's a world champion and been fighting for 20 years. Awesome.


I think it would be fair to say that all Team Tompkins crew handle themselves as true professionals. Everytime I see Mark Hominick he is always all smiles and willing to chat it up. Never met or seen Sam fight but looking forward to it in the future.

The start was actually cut off... You just caught the last part of it :)

I did a stunning rendition of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first" routine...


Nathan is correct.

JHR will be asked to deliver a speech at my wedding.

Sam is only 20 years old...

Just a baby......

Kellett, I've been the MC at 4 weddings now... :)

I have some killer (clean) wedding jokes... :)

My voice really was F'ed up though. When I was talking, it didn't think anybody would be able to hear me but hearing it on the video it wasn't so bad.

I was pumped Sam won it. You can tell that it means alot to him.

  • the cut off the part is where I said the fighter of the night award goes to Jeremy Horn * TRUE STORY lol

Goddamnit, I want DIRTY jokes at my wedding!

Fantastic! I got those too!

JHR my 10th is this August. Your hired.

Wow Sam is only 20!!! Unreal...what a future.