tko and hall monitors

For anyone that was at TKO and had floor seats, did you see all the dweebs? The last show i was at they also had a big presence. At one show one of them even walked some fighters to the ring wearing there full pocket protectors. What i am trying to get here is that just the presence of a jock riding fightfan dweeb at these events is not good. It is not good when a five year a old asks what those horned rimmed glasses mean. This is not what we need to further our sport. I really think that party should not let them accompany any fighters to the ring while they are wearing their flood pants. As if it is not bad enough that someone would come on the internet and complain that there were people at an event, who probably have money invested in the event, and have the same right as anyone else to be there. What are your thoughts on this issue?


...not only do they disturb patrons, i have seen them bother big names in the spert. i was at one event in western canada and bas rutten was trying to get away from a group of them. i was quite comical, i think he put up with them for a while because they were getting him drunk. but i could see in his eyes. that he just wanted to party and be away from these jockriders. it was funny watching him escape with his drinks, and then to watch them all track him down, to get a lilttle of the "stardom" to rub onto them.
ban i hate you