TKO Canadian LW picture?

Who will face Goulet for his first title defense? There are a ton of guys now, looking for his strap, but who deserves to get the shot?

Gill- Was supposed to fight Goulet at TKO 13, but was forced to pull out due to injury, He hasn't fought since UCC 12, but is healthy now I believe and I think he should get the shot before anyone else.

Ouimet- Was scheduled to fight Goulet at TKO 14, but also had to pull out due to injury. He got destroyed by Gill, and won a very contreversial split decision of Frederickson.

Bruckmann- Is a former UCC champ, Apparantley Goulet has been ducking him, but He hasn't fought in over a year in which he was submitted. Would be good to see him fight Goulet though.

Frederickson-He was supposed to be the original replaement for Ouimet, but is/was out of the fight game. He lost a split dec to Ouimet, but has beaten some tough competition.

Peters- The Gatekeeper of the TKO is 1-0 in LW action, but should fight once more to see if he ca get a shot.

Bocek- Has a lot of potential, but only one fight shouldn't get you a title shot. 1 or 2 more victories he should get his shot

and there are others that have paid there dues, but I think that these are the "would be" candidates to fight Goulet.


With the LW division so packed it really takes more then one or two victories to deserve a title shot. Just my opinion!









With so many contenders, it would be great to see an elimination tournament, and have the winner facing the reigning tko champion. Try to give everyone the opportunity to be the best.

I have a headache from JHR beating me with the correct!

In terms of who's been active in TKO, Gill gets the shot. After that, Ouimet then Fredrickson.


I see Mark at the top of this food chain in a year time.

Ah yes seeing Bruckman in action again would be great, he should get a shot.

When Loaf fought Fredrickson didn't he hurt his knee pretty bad? or it may have been hurt already. it was a pretty odd submission, I thought he was out of it. Then he was tapping(from on top of side mount), very anticlimactic. Tough loss.

Chad has spoken. Enough said. For Mark B. to pay his dues, I say Mark vs. Loaf, then Mark vs. Frederickson. Then Mark vs. Kultar - who should be wearing the belt.

Demarco said it - an elimination tourney would be

ya, I saw the fight too and it wasn't a textbook submisson. Frederickson was on his back and loaf was standing above him and Fredrickson crawled his legs up and went for the ankle lock and got it. I had never seen that before.


Bruckmann was promissed this fight and Goulet has been running ever since.

Ouimet and Fredrickson both deserve a shot, but only after the contender that has already been prommised a shot gets it.

Gill deserves a shot as well, but I see him competing for the world title.

Bocek has not earned a shot yet. I am not suggesting that he won't just that he hasn't yet.

Double Post

sexlicious I believe Richie fought Mark Hominick for the title when Mark was an unproven name in MMA?? just a thought.

I doubt there is much hurry for Mark B. Just let him fight somebody reasonable at 155 pounds. If Loaf was promised the fight against Goulet then let that happen. All these guys - if they are still around - will most likely have to face Mark sooner or later.

Magnus is correct