TKO, OSWI Interviews and more...

TKO Quick Results

OSWI Interview with Kingston's Cory McDonald

OSWI Interview with Regina's AJ Scales

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Great job on the interviews Joe!!!

I am excited and nervous now! one week to go! Cant wait!

kyle will be weighing about 190 so he and cory will be a good match.

No problemo bro...

One week to's gonna rock for sure.

I would like to see more showdown gear again.

I don't mean to start a shitstorm but will you ever be selling the old gear on your site?

Great job, Joe

Off topic - The "My girlfriend can't wrestle but you should see her box" shirt was the greatest shirt of ALL time and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it.

Those shirts kick ass. I always forget when I'm wearing it and someone comments about it....

Portuguese2002, I do have that shirt. It's large, just say the word man, and I will give it to you.


I love that shirt too! I actually had a guy read it once though, and say "umm..but my girlfriend doesn't box either.."


Are you sure? Its a great shirt, wouldn't you want to keep it?


E-mail your address at and it's yours man.

I have quite a few mma t-shirts.