tko pics part 2 on mmaringreport.c

come on arnold, some of us are still waiting... :)

Hello Demandango

Sorry about the delay

I have been very busy working on a story that has swept Canadian MMA fans up. You may have heard of it :)

I Promise I will have it up by Wednesday of this week. If I dont have it up by then I will Personally send you and your best friend a Free Sushiboy T-shirt.
I Promise.

The Clock is ticking, I better get to work....

"The Sushiboy"

OK Arnold send me a shirt I promise I'll where it around the world.


Hey Shawn,
You know what they say...

Becareful what you wish for... :)

*hears something about sushiboy shirts and investigates thread*....


hey arnold, thanks, i know that you are busy dude, take your time, just wanted to let you know that you have some guys interested in your stuff. obviously the breaking news has a priority, but i won't scoff at the possibility of a free t shirt lol.

hey arnold, it's wednesday... this was just a ploy to get a hot piece of ass such as myself to wear a sushiboy t shirt eh? well it worked.

I want a shirt too!

Hey it is still Wednesday I have till Midnight tonight!!!

I am working on them but i dont know if I can get them out in time.

I will try though.

Sushi boy, bring an extra large shirt down to the show in February, I'll pay you the sum of ONE MILLION DOLLARS !!!

- Red meat boy

One Million Dollars!!! Holy tuna batman!!!

I will be there in Feb with your shirt and an armored car for the drop.

Demandango, The rumors are true. I like when hot studs wear my Tshirts. That is why I wear it around at events :)

let's continue this conversation on this thread while you are not working on the pics in preparation for delivering my t shirt :).

Demandango My Pics are now up.

Email me at

great pics as usual. thanks!