TKO prelims?

Anyone hear about any prelims on the card? So far there is only 7 fights on the card.

I was wondering the same thing

JHR vs Mark Colangelo Chicken wing eating contest is now officially cancelled due to that bitch Jenny Craig reducing my calorie intake.

fuck that bitch.

Dam that sux, JHR u were training so hard!!

(captured here is JHR on one of his jogs)

Nice Red X dumbass... LOL!!

The looOOOOoooove boat! Soon we'll be making another ruuuuUUUuuuun!

Dam rookies, i hate when people cant use this stuff properly.
Try this.



JHR i was lookin through some of my pics and u should drop the couch kick flick as your secret move and stick with the tittie grab.

BB2, that is a wonderful "X".

Probably the best X I ever saw.

Good for you.


Who s this BB@ guy u guys keep talkin bout, we shouod set up a fight 4 me and him, think of it BB2 meets BB@!!!

Maybe we should just get some ladies to mud wrestle in BBQ sauce.

How many guys are going to TKO?

Is there room for one more?

Douggie if u wanna go drop by the club again next week we will see what can be arranged, cause i know there a bunch of us going up at various times fri and sat and there just might be room

Sweet! I'll stop by next week and chat. I might have the time off.


Fuck. dougie FINALLY is going to TKO and I can't go... ;(

JHR, if you want, I'll wait until the next one for you.

LOL !! No way bro, GO !!!!!

We'll see. If my Wife's blood numbers are stable I have been given the ok to go.

JHR y cant u go??? Ill miss your big bald head getting infront of my video camera!