TKO Results????

Any TKo Results????????? is doing the pbp

Roy Doepker def. Dave Fraser by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 4:06 of the 1st round

At the beginning, both athletes exchanged shots while standing up. Doepker scored a few time with low kicks, knees and punches. Fraser tried to hit Doepker without success. Doepker scored on a take down and took Fraser's back easily. He landed some hard punches from the side and then went for the rear naked choke at 4:06 of the 1st round.

Daniel Boissoneault def. Yves Lemelin by TKO (Referee stoppage - Strikes) at 2:26 of the 1st round

There were some nice exchanges at the beginning as both athletes landed some solid shots. Then Boissoneault scored on a take down but Lemelin immediately got up. The guys exchanged some solid punches and Boissoneault landed a serious one that sent Lemelin to the ground. Then Boissoneault took the full mount and finished his opponent with strikes until the referee decided to stop the fight at 2:26 of the 1st round.

Dave Pariseau def. Jacob MacDonald by Submission (Kimura) at 2:42 of the 2nd round

The first round went to Pariseau who landed the best punches. He scored on a takedown and went for the kimura. MacDonald defended himself and Pariseau tried a flying triangle choke. The same thing occurs at the beginning of the secound round as Pariseau landed some solid shots that stunned MacDonald. Pariseau scored on a single leg take down and got the kimura at 2:42 of the 2nd round.

Steve Claveau def. John Fraser by Submission (Triangle choke) at 3:17 of the 1st round

Fraser entered the Bell Center on scottish music and wearing a kilt and Claveau answered by making his entrance with a blond curled wig and sunglasses. At the beginning of the fight, Claveau hitted solidly Fraser with a left punch and then scored on a double leg take down. Fraser immediatly got up and Claveau tried a guillotine as he was standing, but Fraser reversed Claveau who fell in his guard. Steve throw a lot of punches and move to the full mount position to send a few strikes. Then Fraser reversed Claveau and went in his guard. Claveau took the opportinity for the triangle choke at 3:17 of the 1st round.

Chris Clements def. Steve Pouliot by TKO (Referee stoppage) at 3:16 of the 1st round

Both opponents studied each other a moment at the beginning of the round, then Clements landed a right hook followed with knees. Clement scored on a takedown and took the side control. He move to the half guard. Pouliot was on his back and tried a choke. Clements defended well and took the full mount. He landed some hard punches, then elbows and cutted Pouliot. Pouliot was bleeding. Finally, Clements finished his job until the referee stop the fight at 3:16 of the 1st round.

Tyler Jackson def. Donald Ouimet by Submission (Tapout - Elbow's dislocation) at 0:37 of the 1st round

Fast victory for Jackson. Tyler Jackson started with a solid right hook followed with punches. Ouimet went for the takedown, but fell under Jakson who took the opportunity for the armbar from the guard. Ouimet tapped at 0:37 of the 1st round because of an elbow dislocation.

Stephane Dube def. James Martinez by TKO ( Referee stoppage) at 1:16 of the 1st round

The fight started with kicks. Dubé landed a kick to Martinez's body but he answered with a low kick. The fight went to the clinch, but Dubé escape to the middle of the octagon. Dubé landed a solid high kick to James face. Martinez fell. As he got up, Martinez turned his back and Dubé hit him with his fists. The referee stopped the fight. In his post fight interview, Dubé told he hitted Martinez's eye with a toe when he landed the high kick and proposed a rematch.

Todd Gouwenberg def. Martin Desilets by Unanimous decision (30-26 / 30-26 / 29-27)
Désilets throw kicks and a spinning back kick that didn't landed. The athletes worked in clinch and Gouwenberg scored on a double leg takedown. Désilets went for the kimura, but Gouwenberg landed some elbows from the half-guard. Désilets tried to get up, but Gouwenberg took his back for the rear naked choke. Désilets defended well and took Gouwenberg guard. Gouwenberg reversed Désilets and took the full mount.

Gouwenberg landed hooks and knees that stunned Désilets. Then Gouwenberg scored on a takedown. He took the full-mount position but Désilets reversed him.

Désilets throw punches at the beginning of the round. Gouwenberg scored on a takedown. Désilets went for the kimura. The referee asked the fighter to stand up for some action. Gouwenberg won another takedown. Désilets finished agressively with hard punches.

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