TMA's In The Street - Share Your Experience

I know that TMA’s are much maligned these days, especially on this forum. I wonder sometimes if the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. What I mean is, many people used to think TMA guys were killing machines, even though they had never been in a real fight. Now the pendulum has swung in the other direction and TMA’s are dismissed as being useless. I’d like to hear some stories of guys who have, or had at the time, trained in only TMA’s and had to use their skills “in the street”. Please include details such as: What style did you train in at the time? What techniques did you use? Did it go down like you had trained? Did you find you were totally unprepared? Did anyone give up TMA after losing such a real life encounter? Feel free to include any other details as well.

OK, so everyone dismisses TMA's, but apparently no one has any evidence of them NOT working "in the street". Seriously, no one here ever got into a street fight before 1993, when TMA's ruled the world?

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I used Dragon Style Gung Fu to disable a date rapist i found trying to fuck my sister after he'd duct taped her... He had his cock out, which was clearly uncircumsized. I performed a tiger kick to his solar plexus, instantly KO'ing him

Did you yell "TIGER" like dude in street fighter while you did it?

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my TMA experience was real to me DAMMITT!!!!!!

Only a modest Kiyah.

 wheres that video of that karate master that ko's the pimp in the streets outside his dojo with a fuckin back hand chop to the neck?

was posted on here years ago, it happens, not often, but it happens.


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I used Dragon Style Gung Fu to disable a date rapist i found trying to fuck my sister after he'd duct taped her... He had his cock out, which was clearly uncircumsized. I performed a tiger kick to his solar plexus, instantly KO'ing him

Did you follow up with a tiger claw move to circumsize him?


Wow, this thread failed fast.

That said, a legit TMA will serve you well in a street fight against an untrained assailant. I don't dismiss all TMA's just the ones that don't practive live and practical sparring and training. I think that is the difference in TMA's.

I have a Black Belt in Kyokushin and had a guy attack me with a knife outside a club. I leg kicked him hard and dropped him, guy rolled on ground moaning. Had mutual fight with a guy from work who was a really good high school wrestler who also was 20 pounds lighter than me. He shot in on me and took me down hard...I was clueless and couldnt do shit, lucky for me he didnt do any damage from there either and we agreed he won the fight. Afterwards he said I clipped him with a knee and he was a little dazed thats why he didnt do anything. After that fight I started training in CACC wih a JKD group (this was pre-UFC).

wrist locks off of being shoved and hip throw from being charged..

Actually my Japanese Jiu Jitsu system was pretty realistic..strikes to a lock or throw


i have trained kyokushin for a long time and once in a while i would get into fights at a bar or soccer game, but my uncle who was my teacher always told me fight like ur life depends on it or dont fight at all cuz u dont know what the other guy knows, so i would go ape shit throwing whatever came to my mind till was sure the guy wasnt getting up. i did have a few black eyes and stuff, but what i learnt in kyokushin was no one is so good that ur not gonna get hit so a few bruises never bothered me.


Good to see everyone took this so seriously. I've used my "tma" experience on 3 instances in the street, and was EXTREMELY successful each time. One was against two guys at once, one was a 6'4" 255 lb middle linebacker that benched 525 (I'm 5'10"), and the other was a knife wielding attacker. I'm not trolling and making this up either. My only injury out of the 3 times was a severly broken hand during the two on one altercation.

I started in taekwondo in 1981 and had a little judo and hapkido sprinkled in. During the two on one, the 1st guy charged at me and I got him on the way in and "Steven Seagaled" him into a wall. The next guy actually kicked at me, and I swept him (with a move I learned in a tkd form by the way), mounted him, punched him into submission, and fractured my hand.

Against the linebacker dude, he came up behind me, bearhugged me and lifted me off the ground. I used a self defense technique I had repped in class for 12 years, to break his grip, popped him with an elbow, & caught him with a high kick.

Against the last guy. We jaw jacked back and forth, he pushed me, I pushed him back, he swung, I rolled & caught him with a crisp one two. He didn't want to trade after that so he shot in for a sloppy tackle, I posted on his shoulders, got two handfuls of hair, and knocked him out with two knees (again something I had repped in tkd class & in forms!). I waited for him to get back up, he pulled a knife and swung narrowly missing my neck, I popped him again and left him laying there.

For the record, I've also had a few students get attacked and use stuff I'd shown them very successfully. As a matter of fact, I've gotten a few "thank you's" from past students about something I showed them that "saved their life."

Bottom line, it's not the "style" and never has been. Granted, I've seen guys who were "black belts" lose street fights. But, these guys weren't fighters in the 1st place. They were dorky guys whose mom signed them up to get more "confidence." As a matter of fact, if it hadn't been for the training they had, they would have been beaten worse.

Also, a black belt in taekwondo isn't crap anyway. People have a misconception that a black belt can fight. Hey some can, but the TKD black belt is not a BJJ black belt. In Korea, you really don't get any respect as a black belt until you're a 3rd degree. That normally takes at least 10 years. THE TKD BLACK BELT JUST MEANS YOU LEARNED THE BASICS! It does not represent "mastery." At least it shouldn't.

Are there some crappy "TMA" black belts out there? Yes. Are there some crapp "BJJ" black belts out there? Uh, actually no. But that's the thing. The belt doesn't mean the same thing, there is not nearly the accountability in "TMA" as in "BJJ", and yes, the focus on ground work in BJJ does make a world of difference. That's why I train in it myself now. By the way, even if my "TMA" fails me tomorrow, it's saved me enough and produced enough good in my life to be well worth all the time I've spent doing it.

Sorry for the rant, but this debate has driven me crazy for years.

y are people so afraid that some tma might actually work, are all mma fighters bad asses that cant be beat on the street? no neither are all tma fighters but is it that hard to believe that some tma fighters might actually be able to beat a mma fighter or someone who doesnt train, mma fans are worse then tma fans when it comes to that.

Thanks for the replies guys, but please don't turn this into "which is better between TMA vs MMA". Anyone who would be on this forum is already aware of the advantages of training every facet of your game. I want to hear accounts of what HAS happened in the past between TMA guy vs. random guy. From all of the bashing on this forum, you would think there must be plenty of guys who invested alot of time training a TMA only to have it fail them when they needed it.