TNA Officially changes timeslot

Breaking News: TNA iMPACT! Gets New Timeslot
Date Added: April 07, 2010
Story By: Brian Cantor
TNA President Dixie Carter confirmed Wednesday that iMPACT! will officially be relocating on Monday nights.

Driven by an improved ratings performance this week--particularly in its opening, uncontested hour--iMPACT! has been moved to 8PM on Mondays. Airing 8PM-10PM, it will now have only one hour go head-to-head with WWE's Monday Night RAW.

Spike TV has also reinstated the Thursday night replay at 9PM.

It should be interesting to see if WWE offers any response. Following TNA's strong January 4 performance, there was talk that if TNA regularly went from 8-10PM on Mondays, WWE would work with USA Network to turn RAW into a three-hour weekly broadcast.

With TNA's ratings struggling thus far on Mondays, however, it is unclear that WWE would make such a clear retalliation, especially since there are creative and logistical hazards to running a weekly three-hour show.

Going up against RAW & Monday Night Football is not the brightest of ideas.


I prefer the WFA to tna

Styro - I prefer the WFA to tna

Yeah I really think WFA will be the #1

As a former wrestling fan, I tuned into the first "New TNA" with Hogan... it was God AWFUL


 Did they chance their timeslot to the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE!

Thats so original....

By the way, fuck you KKM.

Card - <p>fail</p>

Actually i did post this in the wrestling forum.

Thanks to the many bugs this site still seems to have, it ended up in this here.

Woah that's awesome dude, I will tell my little 2 year old son he enjoys fake fighting.

Juzz - Woah that's awesome dude, I will tell my little 2 year old son he enjoys fake fighting.

Go find your son tuff newb. I think pedo bear is looking for him...