To everyone saying Izzy never had power…

He has knocked his opponent out in 16/24 wins, that’s a nearly 70% KO rate.

In title fights, he has knocked out Whittaker, Costa, and Perreira. He is the only person to ever finish any of them at 185, making a nearly 40% KO rate in title fight wins.

He couldn’t finish Vettori, Cannonier, or Romero, none of whom have ever been finished at 185.

Also everyone saying he has no chin, he’s never been knocked out in MMA. Perreira didn’t lay him out, and Sean would have finished any lesser fighter yesterday.

The haterade is at it’s apex today. It’s obvious you were all waiting for this guy to fall so you could shit on him. I probably dislike him even more than you, but I’m no hater. Adesanya is one of the GOATs, Strickland just had his number. Happens to everyone who tests themselves as much as Izzy has.

You’re all a bunch of faggots.

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Adesanya is one of the greats, not the goats. One of the best of his era for sure. Better than khabib.

Second best MW of all time.

Otherwise I agree. Dude is a stud, and he might come back and win the belt again.

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Strickland was the first time he got dropped in mma.

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Also gotta respect active champs. His comeback vs Perreira was one of the best ever.

You make some fair points. Some are true and some are subjective.

Izzy’s chin is fine. He has only been Ko/tkoed three times. Each one coming in a different sport. Also he has over 100 fights, so three is meaningless.

Izzy has a plethora of stoppages. But he is not known as a big power puncher. That seems to be a lot of peoples definition of “having power”.

Whittaker just got blasted by DDP.

These are only my opinions. Like I said above, subjective.

Adasanya is one of the best ever MWs , Strickland beating him the way he did doesn’t change that, stylistically it was a bad matchup, he made the adjustments in the second but couldn’t maintain it and couldn’t live with Seans constant pressure.

He is still a killer.

It is what it is.