to Noah

In response to what Noah said from another post:

"To those who really believe in something, keep believing, it is so worth it."

Absolutely, I agree with you. I have no problem with you sticking up for what you beleive in. The problem I have, and I'm sure most of the others who are upset, is this: What were you doing on TUF if being a fighter was NOT your dream, NOT what you beleived in? So many fighters missed out on their dream because you took a spot on the show and weren't passionate about it. You know going in that you're going to be without your girl for a couple months, and that that will put a strain on your relationship. If you don't trust that the relationship is strong enough to survive, and that relationship is more important to you than your UFC dreams, than you simply should not have applied to be on TUF.

It's too bad, I was impressed by the heart and determination you showed in your first fight.

good post bradu. i'll summarize in case people don't want to read that
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