To truly know a man you must fight him

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                                To truly know a man you must fight him 
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                    <p>Kajan Johnson did a&nbsp;Team Canada blog for &#39;&#39;TUF Nations,&#39; episode No. 4. In it he details a tough fight between Nordine Taleb and Tyler Manawaroa, and the aftermath.</p>
You would think that the more guys that fight each other, the more tension would increase in the house, but it’s really the opposite right now. When two people fight, especially if it’s a hard fight, they become much closer. It is said, “To truly know a man you must fight him,” and this is why. You see how much closer Nordine and Tyler are after their fight. They truly respect each other. Once you have seen another man’s soul, you realize that he is no different than you, and you respect him.

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