To watch UFC events do you need to wear TapouT?

I'm whereing an Abercrombie sweater right now and I was talking about tonight's fights with my girlfriend at the mall and a wild pack of tools approached me saying "you know nothing about UFC fighting bro, you don't even have a TapouT shirt on." I guess I missed that memo. So I laughed and gave them the number to my bjj gym and they just walked off.

Words cannot describe my emotions. Phone Post

Also important to note, one looked slightly like Julian lane and I'm pretty sure he wanted to bang... Phone Post

IMO they were trolling you.

TTT for wearing Abercrombie lol.

TTTapout bro Phone Post

3 down votes wtf? Phone Post

I gave you one more because my step son is wearing his TapOut shirt.

2/10 Phone Post

They don't let you order a PPV without receipts. Phone Post

did the Mall let you bang?

What state and city are you from??
This incident Sounds unusually random Phone Post

I'm in az Phone Post

A&F is equally as douchey as anything Tapout produces. They tease you because they like you.

It`s mandatory around these parts.

rrg1 - TTT for wearing Abercrombie lol.

Whereing IMO


None of this actually happened. Phone Post

Don't know what's gayer.
Abercrombie sweater or tapout shirt. Phone Post

What's Abercrombie ? Phone Post

The valiant Kobayashi vs the young Robert Duran!