Today’s Brazilians are all old

Holy shit this fight card is filled with some old fighters and some legends. 





barao is even old in terms of mma age 

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Some say the apparel sponsorship deals going away hurt Brazilian MMA badly. Apparently the main companies putting on the shows were the sponsors like Venum or whomever

Didn't someone post an article here recently about how the change in sponsorships within MMA killed the Brazillian MMA scene for up and coming fighters?

^Beat me to it. Cre with the quickness

All the good Brazilians are in Bellator 

I read that to over here. It's just crazy how shits shifted. The Russians where suppose to take over but only Khabib has


regardless hope Shogun & jacare pull it off


The dude Barao fought was two years older than him!

hate to say it but theres going to be less and less brazilian fighters next 5-10 yrs the just cant put it together

Usada seems to have hurt Brazil more than other countries. 

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The UFC is not interested in having Brazilian champions right now because they already have the brazillian market. Chinese, African, and Russian are what they want at the moment.