Todd Carney vs Dave Menne 5-11-04

On June 11, Extreme Challenge 58 in Minneapolis Todd "Crazy T" Carney will face off with Dave Menne for the second time. Carney feels well prepared for Menne and says this time it will be a WAR!

Todd says he is very greatfull for the rematch and while he holds respect for Menne he still said "Im going to hurt him".

Keep it up Todd!

You are on a roll!


Go Todd! =)

ttt for Todd. He has the tools to take out Menne... That said this will be a battle!

damn.. that 8 hour drive doesn't sound to bad.. g'luck Todd!

Crazy T coming off two KO wins against two very good BJJ black belts.....

GO CRAZY T!!!!!!!!

This rematch is YOUR'S!!!!!!!



TTT Todd is a compleat fighter now; Remember the battle he had with Rockel. Great fight. Todd is a class act.

TTT Thanx for the support.

TTT for my boy!

Bring the win back to the Mountain State!

Good Luck Todd!

how many times can Todd and Jason fight? I think 3 is enough, I would still like to see Rory and Todd fight. Good luck to Todd and I hope he brings home the win vs. Menne.


good luck Todd. Menne's on a losing streak, so I'm sure he'll be motivated

todd is on a roll,i hope he continue's and knocks out menne!!

good luck Todd!

where...when and all that stuff......

Don't say it, Just DO IT Todd.

Rory is to good on the ground for carney but if he traded it would be 4th of July

would be a great a great fight. I have trained with both of them and they match up very well.


TTT It will be time to ROCK AND ROLL!!!