i am having an awesome time! learning heaps too (first lesson: never play knuckles with a drunken kyokushin champ.) tomorrow i am going to train at A3 pancrase dojo in saitama, then the day after probably rjw central. a shock wave ticket is an absolute bitch to get, but i am told that i will get one.


pleas excuse my typing as im still trying to get the hang of a japanese key board

p.s. juggs,i cant find that magazine in fitness, but i will keep looking.

p.p.s. guess who makes another appearance in kakutoghi magazine! :) :) :)

hey jj. good to hear you arrived and straight into it. are you staying at Katsuya's place?

can you pick me up a copy of the mag, thanks j.

i've said this before and i'll say it again here now...

...hate you guys!

hey coops, stay at home. i nearly had my foot trampled on by a big arse elephant on the main street of bangkok while walking back to the hotel not 10 mins ago.

this town has coops written all over it.

Great to hear you're having a ball Jaje.

Good work too,..Suidobashi day one (glad ya found FITNESS anyway)
and Siatama the next!,..damn,'re getting around mate!

I'm pretty sure there's a Purebred Gym at the Saitama arena too..the
sports club I think it's at. Check it out.

  • Juggs

"How are the women treating you? "

They treat me like a sex object. Everytime I ask for sex, they

nice one, gakami. i 'll use that if you dont mind.

No word from Jaje in 2 days,..must be having a ball.

  • Juggs

ok, ive been so busy... so this is my first chance to get to a computer. im having a great time. training every day and doing heaps of stuff. A3 gym is awesome, the facility is great and the guys are amazing. i cant believe how good these guys are on the ground, so when i get back i think i will have my tapping technique perfect :)

i am staying with katsuya, and the girls are treating me just fine. it started snowing today,which is pretty sureal for me coming from a goldcoast summer. anyway probably won:t get to a computer untill i go to the air port on monday, take care every one and happy new year!

"so when i get back i think i will have my tapping technique perfect
:)"....this scares me people,'s common knowledge that Jaje rarely
needs to tap!! Have a good New Year buddy,...ya bastard. Mine will be
spent drunk, a crocodile suit! Fancy dress,..long story

  • Juggs

nice one, gakami. i 'll use that if you dont mind."

"They Call Me Bruce" - rent it at your local video store. Use the whole movie, I don't mind.

Hey JJ,

Hope the trip is going well.  Can you get a contact email for Katsuya or Takashi.  The girld here that are going to Tokyo want to see there fight in May and need to book tix.

Speak to you soon.


jj, ask them to show you a good twister escape... you'll need it in the new year hooker!! :p

kez, sounds like my kinda place indeed! I like my elephants with junk in thier trunks!! ...actually make that 'caboose' in the case of elephants (junk in the trunk goes for everything else)

...can I get an amen on that andrew specht!! ;) hehe

im at Narita airport about to leave. the last couple days have been amazing, im feeling really bummed as i dont want to leave. i will definantly be moving here when i finish my studies.

katsuya and i ended up being given ring side tickets to pride! unfortunatly i later found out that ring side doesnt nesecarliy mean ring side. the show was awesome, being there live was a great experience. i saw josh barnette at the train station too, pretty bizzare to say the least.

saturday night i had dinner with a guy who fought sam nest in ZST, his name is Soneda... really cool guy, does some training at A3.

i have learnt so much great stuff working out at A3, i cant believe how many high level guys train there. anyways off to catch a very sad flight to bangkok.