Tolerance and Diversity

Since I know that there is no better mixed bag of people and viewpoints than here on the OG I bring this recently sparked facebook topic here since I probably won't get people who know me to actually debate this topic since pretty much anyone who promotes tolerance and diversity does so on purely emotional grounds and has no factual or real life centered basis for their views or opinions. Nor has anyone I've met in favor of T&D actually truly understood the definition of either. So here goes

During a torrential down pour omw to the train station, I notice a woman without an umbrella. I am right next to her and put my umbrella over both of us. She says 'Oh, you're too sweet! Thank you!' We walk a few feet + she notices my umbrella is a rainbow umbrella(Coach of course) w/ the most horrified look says 'I'm gonna run for it!' + darts out into traffic! Some people blow me away w/ how narrow minded they are!

You name it...! It's shocking and quite sad how a lot of people don't seem to be able to think out of the box and/or their very own comfort zone...! I always wonder how boring life like that must be...?

It was quite shocking. And she did look very boring ;)

That is so weird. And bigoted. And sad. At least you know you are a good person! Did you hear that Ryan and I are coming to Boston end of October?

I never suspected you were one of "those"! :-) :-) :-)

I'm not but I happen to have the coach umbrella that insinuates that I am.

Just to be absolutely clear - I was purely joking. That someone could be so shallow as to read something into that, and even worse, that it matters is truly sad. You can hold your rainbow umbrella for me any day Meaghan.

welcome to my life!

Lol thanks Gary! And Amanda I'm sorry u have to put up with such closed minded ppl

i was in target the other day and a toddler who walked away from his mom waved at me and started walking over to me so I bent down to talk to him and this mother noticed and walked over (and it's obvious now that i'm a lesbian) and took his hand and said "we don't talk to those"

Wow! She could have said 'we don't talk to strangers' and called it a day but no she had to be a B instead . Some people!

WTF??? Stories like that really piss me off! How dare people judge a person based on sexual orientation - obvious or not?? And how dare they impose their problems and kind of "racism" on their (innocent) kids?!? "WE don't talk to those" -- baaaahh, and if your kid actually IS one of "those"??!! Really now...!!!

ME: is about to hijack a thread and play devil's advocate: I find it interesting how people preach tolerance yet do not exercise it. People also make choices (right or wrong) and know that there are ramifications to those choices and they will be judged by their peers based on those choices, yet get angry when what they know will play out does. "And how dare they impose their problems and kind of "racism" on their (innocent) kids?!?" It's called being a parent, it's the right every parent is granted upon birth to raise their children in any fashion they see fit, whether you agree with it or not it is the parents right to impose whatever values they choose to on their children. How can you get mad at someone elses views when you get mad at their views...does that make any sense? Also racism is based on race, something noone born has any choice over homsexuality is a choice being black, white, red or yellow is not a choice. Bigotry can be applied to almost anything, but keep in mind it is every persons "unalienable right" to be as much of a bigot as they want about whatever they want, someone else simply being bigoted does not harm anyone in any way. People make judgements about me based on my bald head and "aryian" appearanceand think I'm a skinhead...especially when I used to wear black calf high boots. People see me on a sport bike and assume i'm an arrogant disrespectful jerk. People assume that because I'm a Christian that I must be a fanatical holier than thou on a pedestal waiting to strike them down. These are all things I have accepted as ramifications of choices I have made.

Well I'm glad that's just playing devils advocate. :)
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ME: well only people even know what the definition of tolerance is?

my desire to use proper grammar when communicating online is not very high

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