Tommy Carruthers

Has anybody ever heard of this guy?  Anyways here are a couple vids of him. I found him impressive from a physical standpoint." flashvars="">" flashvars="">



YES. I've heard of him and seen his demos. He doesn't spar with his students from any clips I've whose to say whether he can apply what he teaches? My wing chun sifu was just as impressive back in the day. I never sparred with him either cause we never sparred.

Oh dear...guess who wants to be Bruce Lee

He's very good at stomping.

Widespread, Im not sure what ShivWorks video your talking about but I can promise you if you do any training w/ the ShivWorks crew it is "alive" as possible.

Woof All!

I will vouch for Southnark of Shivworks being as lively as they come. Not only that but I find him to be a very thoughtful and astute man about teaching/training. I always enjoy our conversations and he is on the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Board of Advisors.

The Adventure continues,
Crafty Dog

PS: For the record he has good background in Pekiti Tirsia Kali (Guro Doug Marcaida) and Silat (not sure of his teachers in this). When I first saw a DVD of his I got in touch with him and simply asked him where he had learned his PTK and Silat. Very interesting to see someone of his street background apply this material.