Tommy Yang (a.k.a Yang Seung Ho) to the UFC

Good for Tommy  (6-0 undefeated in MMA)  former Evolve MMA fighter from Korea.

You know why he left evolve? Phone Post 3.0

WOW!! think it may just be a rumor from what i've been hearing..although I'd be glad to see this!! Can anyone link the article?!

Tommy has been around forever!

Even though he is only 23 years old, Tommy won the PANCRASE Neo-blood tournament in Korea when he was only 17 years old!

He's got a bunch of fights not listed on Sherdog from before he left Korea.

Before training at Evolve, Tommy spent time in the states with Braga Neto, and is now living in Thailand training Muay Thai full time at Phuket Top Team.

He won the ADCC PRO TRIALS last year for pickup by the UFC.

His last fight was in Kuwait, and he looked pretty dominate after being on the shelf from competing in MMA for a bit.

some truly horrendous feedback on sherdog - I think that forum's population recently clambered out of the Neander Valley on their fucking knuckles.

Good opportunity for a talented kid - veteran of some of the more notable camps around Asia such as Evolve MMA, Juggernaut, Lion Muay Thai and more - and at 23, 6-0 officially and with unlisted wins in Korea he's looking to make a noise if he gets the shot.

Hey, why not - there's been a lot worse on UFC undercards. Tommy's legit.


Koga - Source?

Samurai Life.


ps- he was about forty metres up the road when I wrote this.

Wait, aren't you the Samurai Life blogger? If Tommy was 40 metres away, did he tell you that Joe Silva or his staff had approached him concerning a fight at an upcoming UFC in Macau? I did not even know another UFC had been scheduled for Macau, great news. Where is this interview posted? Thanks

StephenLangdown - You know why he left evolve? Phone Post 3.0

He evolved.

Hocky Balboa -
StephenLangdown - You know why he left evolve? Phone Post 3.0

He evolved.

Winner. Phone Post 3.0

Charlie Sheen style