Toney/Peter Predictions

If Toney comes in under 235 then he clowns Peter but if he comes in over that (like the rumored 255) Peter KO3

I think it is kind of sad that the best heavyweight fight we can have is this one (outside of either of these guys vs. Wlad). Peter has good ability but is super raw.

I say whomever comes into this fight less lazy will win.

Toney is just too small in frame for a guy like Samuel Peter. We are talking about a fat middleweight going up against one of the heaviest boned heavyweights in recent history. Peter is a Jim Jeffries kind of heavyweight who would weigh a strong 220 without ever touching a weight. Just look at his head, neck, and shoulder structure. The guy is a bear. He isn't some bodybuilder, he is a extremely genetically gifted in terms of strength, durability, and power. He is basically a shorter and even stouter George Foreman in terms of heavy handedness. He will get outboxed, countered, and possibly even hurt, but he will come through enough to wear Toney down through body punches and stop him.

This fight will be a good demonstration of why a fighter ought to stick to his natural weight division.