Tonight's Strikeforce part of DirecTV Free view?

For those with DirecTV, you can see Strikeforce live tonight PDF Print E-mail

DirecTV is having a free weekend of Showtime so if you go to Ch. 537, you can see tonight's Strikeforce event at 10 p.m. Eastern.

We've gotten reports that some people are able to access it with DirecTV but others are not, and would have to order it on one of the PPV channels. 

This from Dave Meltzers Wrestling Observer site. Now i just checked and i have no free Showtime on my DirecTV? I get the same old channel not ordered. Does anyone else get a free preview of Showtime? It is however on a DirecTV PPV channel for $24.95. Just thought i would give a heads up.  

Instead of paying 24.95 for the PPV just add the showtime package for 12 bucks then cancel it after a month, you'll pay half of what they want for PPV and get showtime for a month

 <!--Session data-->Same here, no free Showtime for me :(


Nice ! thanks

If you've had DirecTV for longer than your original contract, you can call and ask for showtime for free for a couple months and they'll give it to you.

I just say my girlfriend wants to get showtime, but I don't know if we'll watch it...can I get a sample to make sure we'll use it before I subscribe. They put you on hold and come back and boom--free showtime.

I've used this several times over the last 5 years. They even gave it to me for a whole year for free once.