Tony Bonello's BJJ BB??

absoluteidiot -  He trained for a while at my gym back in the late 90's. absolute BJJ - Walter Mattos and Mario Sperry! Phone Post

Ever roll with Tony?

No I don't think so. I was a little white and was a big dawg.

He was seen as a badass!

I did roll with Adam Boom Boom 'Shogun' Kayoom though :) Phone Post

always happy to see guys like him get beat down...

His updated Wiki page on Rua fight.

"He then signed with ProElite and June 14, 2008, he fought former EliteXC Middleweight Champion Murilo Rua at EliteXC: Return of the King. He was defeated via TKO in round one, giving him his first loss of his career. Many argue the stoppage came too early, claiming that Bonello actually fights better when he is unconscious."

Kobayashi - Never seen him fight, but he's got a good record , beat Hoffman and he was a BAD man. Hoffman even KO'd Overeem back in the day. Phone Post

I've never seen the fight, but that's commonly thought of as one of his 'shady' fights.

Something about Hoffman KOing him, but they restarted the fight?

Max Phone Post

BEZERKER - I saw the first Bonello vs Hoffman fight. I also had 5 mates (4 of which aren't MMA fans) come with me. The hopes being that they'd be hooked and we could go to a few more events. Suffice to say the obvious scam that played out put a sour taste in their mouth after seeing a couple of really good fights that night. Tony was definitely smacked out twice IMO. The 3rd restart saw a decent armbar from Bonello that Hoffman (the guy who has fought with a broken arm and bit off a piece of his tongue) tapped out to IMMEDIATELY without trying to power out with what looked like a pretty big size advantage. He just rolled over and tapped.

^^^ Agreed , I was there too , and then Bobby grabbed the mic and said something like , props to Tony " the gun " he is the man !!