Tony Cecchine

If I had to buy only ONE of Cecchine's catch wrestling videos, which one should I buy? I am looking for one that covers different types of moves, positions, and set-ups, rather than focuses on one particular aspect of catch.


How about the Wristlock Seminar tape? You can't just take out one tape/DVD out of the Lost Art of Hooking Series since they all flow together. I say get the seminar tape.

Yes, the Wristlock seminar tape also has stuff on leglocks.

The Wristlock Seminar tape.

the " Lost Art of Hooking is a great set. I recommend it highly but its about $200

gama has ripped on the correct!!!

Hey, suplexman.  Tony's stuff is brilliant, but there really aren't any good tapes out there with his setups and positions and stuff like that.  For the most part, his tapes are very submission oriented simply because that's what people buy.  He could put out another 10 tape series on catch positions and philosophy alone, without any subs, but who'd buy it (me and you?)?

If you can ever make it to Chicago, it is a truly enlightening experience to talk with him about catch, wrestling, fighting, or anything martial.  And if you're lucky/unlucky enough to get on the mat with him, your concepts of control, position, and submissions will totally change.

Anyway, shoot me a private email on this thing and I'll try and hook you up - wrestling moderator benefits. :)


Cool, whats your e-mail adress? 

I'd be happy to hook you up.

Did you shoot me an email?

Dude, I'd love to learn some catch. But I just can't see spending a few hundred on some tapes. I'm sure they're worth every penny, but that's just more money than I can spare.

Chip, I'd be happy to hook you up, too. Please post here once you've emailed me.  Catch would be perfect for you.

STH - you've got mail! Thanks man!

I got all the tapes aswell alot of it is cool looking and pretty good but also there is alot of low percentage moves but the low percentage becomes high percentage because your opponnent really wont know where your coming from there's just so many opportunity's to catch some one blows your mind!people have said does the step over toehold work couldnt the guy just sit up ,the answer is sometimes when you time it wrong but its better then being stuck in guard for 30 min. when there is no ref to pull you apart.The most effective thing on the tapes besides tony's ground control is his bottom escapes they are the best Ive seen you get those on the bonus cd when you buy the lost art of hooking.I blended bjj with catch blends very well.hope this helps your thoughts on catch!

Tony did a seminar at our club in NJ, he was outstanding. Glad to hear hes feeling better.

How are the drouble trouble tapes and the wristlock seminar tape what do they cover any mount escapes because the other tapes never covered that stuff or any takedowns.


Id by them all the more the better there all worth buying.