Tony Ferguson replies to DC's criticism and takes shot at Nate

“I never cheated to get on the scales to retain my championship like DC – hashtag ‘towel gate,’ – these guys grabbing the towel, trying to lift some pounds off the scale. The UFC (was) right there – they went with it. It’s like an inside job.”

Little shot at Nate:

“Did you see Nate have to take breaks? Nothing against him, but I gave him his break,” Ferguson said. “It was a send-off fight. I’m not saying I took it easy on him and what we prepared for, but it’s a little bit more interesting when you’re preparing for a guy you really don’t know."


Nah Tony don’t do that


He’s “still the fucking champ,” according to him.

I just watched the interview. Watching the fight live I was honestly hoping Tony didn’t just push the pace at certain points. It honestly looked like Nate was trying to take breaks. The leg kicks definitely looked like they were fucking Nate up. Tony looked like he had a few chances to really pour it on Nate at certain points. To me personally Nate is really starting to look his age. All the blunt smoking can’t be good on the lungs when fighting every 2 years. I honestly don’t think Nate trains as hard as he used to. Tony is much more likable when he’s not acting like a weirdo. Really good interview.


It felt like the leg kicks were wrecking him and watching live it seemed like Nate was ready to take his ball and go home and then started the antics.

Almost like he pressured Tony to stop attacking the legs…like ‘I’m not having fun, stop this bullshit or I’m not fighting you anymore’ and Tony obliged.

It was a weird dynamic.


I have a feeliny Tony is going to end up in bareknuckle boxing at some point. I hope his wife convinces him to call it quits. He looked slow as molasses doing those spins.


Nate tends to up the antics when he is in an favorable fight.
Like if a wrestler takes you down and you cant get up, if you call him gay, thats a win by Diaz standards. That way, yea you lost, but that guys a fag who didnt want to stand.


“We’re throwing spinning shit now?”

“We’re wrestling now?”

“We’re throwing leg kicks now?”


Nate beats him at any stage of their careers.

The taking breaks antics were psychological as well as a smart way to slow down/stop the leg attacks. He started fucking with Tony to distract him from continuing/stopping his leg attacks, and it worked. Diaz successfully exited, created distance and recovered, then switched up his attacks. Had Tony continued, closed the distance, etc., I think Diaz may have just start-stopped an attack to disrupt the leg attacks and continued to do the antics. As much as people want to shit on Nate, that was some pretty smart survival fight IQ.

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Dude is on a five fight losing streak. Think it’s wise to go light? Not like he had the fight won and didn’t finish him. Level fight at best before he tapped

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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Soooooo, never?

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From what I understand, Nate was frustrated how Tony kept running from him. So, in an effort to mock him or something like that, Nate started doing strange things…acting in a certain way which was weird but we really were not sure if he was quitting (most likely from those low kicks) or if he was just being Nate. But Tony kicked Nates legs many more times and Nate did not flinch so it was not the case. Tony saying he gave Nate a break is hilarious. Tony don’t give nobody a free ride…never ever!!!


Yes i agree. At some point he said something towards the judges or somebody ringside.
Anybody know what he said?

Fights like this are weird for me. I feel like for many yrs Tony would have buttraped Nate, but timing is a motherfucker.

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Nate was tagging him with a 1-2 any time he wanted

Their primes it would have been a great fight. I still favor Nate but it woulda been far more competitive

tony is a shell of his old self in every aspect of the game

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I would say Tony had better prime years, Nate barely could win a fight while Tony was killer