Tonya Evinger's shadow boxing

I can see the loss just from that. Haha, carryin UG.

Oh, this won't get out of the first round.

I can feel it in the air tonight

She looked 60 at the weigh in and like she was about to fight fucking batman.

Now I hope she shocks the world.

She will shock the world. They don't call me ''told ya so" for nothing.

I'm rooting for Tonya, just because it would be a great story and, well, I can't root for Cyborg. Still, there's no way for her to overcome the size, speed and athleticism, let alone the power. Tonya has no path to victory, aside from dragging Cyborg into deep waters and making her gas. But I don't see that happening.

Told ya, cyborg would beast thru that 130 pounder