Too bad Cro Cop "bagged" out of

Pride for the UFC.

I mean he just won the GP, and was in line for a match up with Fedor.

His most challenging fight in the UFC will be against Heath Herring, who he already beat in Pride.

Should have stayed with Pride.

thats because the Champ in Pride only fights Cans now, and Cro Cop isn't a can.

Props to Cro Cop for making the right career move. He can get paid big
for smashing dudes now in the UFC. I hope they'll let him be as active as
he was in Pride when he was crushing their cans.

Pride's HW division has a lot of good talent, but the organization apparently isn't willing to keep that talent: they lost CroCop and they can't afford to keep Fedor exclusive. If Pride is tightening the purse strings enough to lose blue chip fighters like CroCop, I doubt this will be the last defection by a major Pride star. If K1 and the UFC both smell blood and choose to act, their combined efforts could gut Pride's HW division.

whatever...and Fedor would rather fight Monson

Ducking fedor...? Are you an idiot? IM sure CC isnt afraid of Fedor. CC is a business man, and hes going where the money is...

Heath Herring is his toughest fight in the UFC?

Based on what?

Some of the shit people say is amazing. I wouldn't count Herring out against Sylvia or Arlovski, but you are a goddamn crackhead if you think he is a clear cut winner over either of those guys.

I had this vision that Pride told CC to come to the UFC, gain noteriety in the states, become UFC HW and LHW champ therefore winning over all American fans, then return to Pride to face Fedor for the most anticipated rematch in history....I am kind of drunk though.......

Yeah, i think both Sylvia and AA beat Herring, in good fights.

Cro Cop said he would stay in Pride for less money if they could make a Feb rematch with Fedor happen. Obviously they could not...

Cro Cop has the potential to become the most famous fighter in North American MMA with his fighting style.