Too Old to Learn Judo?

I'm 31 going on 32, am I too old to start getting into into Judo with my iffy back and gimpy knees? Also, where do I find a place to train? When I was in college I remember seeing university clubs, but I don't see much in the yellow pages. I live in Santa Clara, CA.

I came accross this:
United States California Santa Clara Santa Clara P.A.L. Judo Club Keith Watanabe
I don't have any detailed info regarding that club, but it's a start.

btw, I'm 41 and still going.

No, but you will need to take it easy at first and make it clear to the coach that you are doing so out of necessity, not being a wimp.



the santa clara judo club is a great place for you to try. so too is the SJ Buddhist judo club ( on the web at

I would suggest to try and strengthen your knees and back, ( and also the rest of the body ) to take the edge off. Im 48, and have been doing Judo for about 7 years. It can be hard on the body, especially at first, learning the break falls, etc. I find that weight training 2 or 3 times a week, helps me immensely. Good Luck !!!