Top 10 A. Silva Moments in UFC

 10. The Debut: Crippling the Crippler

vs. Chris “Crippler” Leben at UFC Fight Night (6.28.2006)



The Spider” made a name for himself fighting in promotions like SHOOTO, PRIDE and Cage Rage. When it came time for him to debut in the UFC, new fans that were introduced to the sport by Ultimate Fighter didn’t understand the buzz surrounding the Brazilian. After decimating TUF alum Chris Leben in one round, diehard and new fans were quick to pay attention to Anderson Silva.

9. Outclassed, Embarrassed and Disrespectful in Abu Dhabi

vs. Demian Maia at UFC 112 (4.10.2010)



Anderson Silva didn’t appreciate Demian Maia’s pre-fight hype interviews and took it upon himself to punish Maia for his “disrespectful” remarks. Silva goaded Maia for five rounds, dancing around his opponent, taunting him and trash talking him the whole fight. While Maia was clearly outclassed by the champion, it was an embarrassing first showing for UFC in Abu Dhabi.



Just something I whipped together quickly to celebrate the 5 years Silva has been champion. What are your guys' favorite Anderson Silva moments?

His dismantling of Forrest was almost embarrassing. His rearranging of Ace's nose was pretty epic. The potential trolling in the Chael fight. The Segal face kick it Vitor. I could go on and on.

 The heart of a Champion:

 the list made itself really. i just had to organize it and write some words lol.

brahmabull81 - 
NarlyPersianDude - I dont know why the Maia fight would be on this list. Anderson Silva is the greatest ufc fighter ever, and top 2 of alltime, but the Maia fight was his lowpoint. He did pretty bad in the championship rounds, I dont know if he offically lost both of those rounds, but he looked bad. It was a mma fight, and the cute antics aside, he literally ran away from Maia rounds 4 and 5, especially after getting clipped. It's funny, Kaleb Starnes, has a broken foot, and runs from Quarry, and get's all kinds of shit. Anderson, at least on what we where told, was healthy, and people kept saying how he could of finished Maia if he wanted too, but he did not. I am a huge Anderson fan, but that's bullshit.

Cool list, but why would you put a bad outing on there, a lot of other good moments to put up. It's all good, just a suggestion guy.

Yeah he only outclassed Maia for like 2 and a half rounds and then ran away from Maia (even while Maia was punching from his KNEES). That one should be replaced.

Yeah I totally agree with you two as well, and thanks for the kind words. The article I pitched was Top 10 OMG moments of his UFC career, which 112 would have fallen under. The guy who submitted the article labeled it as Top 10 Moments (without the OMG), so it's whatever. I think it was still an awesome performance by him. Without it we wouldn't have gotten the awesome guitar hero silva gif.


Anderson silva... God damn. So many great moments. Fuckin unbelievable if you really think about it

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His first dismantling of Rich Franklin was epic.