Top 10 BJJ takedown artist

Bj Penn
Ricco Rod
Jake Shields
Deigo Sanchez
Vitor Riberio
Marcelo Garcia
Mario Sperry
Vitor Belfort

Joe Doeksen took down Matt Lindland a few times.

GSP, Ricco,Shields, Sanchez all wrestled before starting bjj didn't they

I'd say Ricco is the best bjj takedown artist closely followed by Arona

Busta, IMO.

Ricco's too fat to bend over now

Don't know about the others mentioned but GSP started BJJ before he began wrestling.

Where are the Noguieras?

For MMA or sport BJJ? For sport BJJ, Jacare and Leo Vieira have great takedowns.

What do you mean by BJJ take down artist?

Someone that has at some point trained in BJJ and does takedowns? I think that's pretty includes much everybody.

Or do you mean somebody that has only trained in BJJ? That pretty much eliminates every body. Every legit MMA fighter has cross trained in something besides BJJ.

Or do you mean somebody that started training BJJ first and then went on to cross train? Does Ricco's highschool wrestling disqualify him? Goes GSP's wrestling disqualify him? Does Noguiera's boxing and Judo discredit him (he did these before he knew what BJJ was)?

I would assume it means someone who lists their style
as BJJ.

"Where are the Noguieras?"

These two, especially little Nog, have terrible

GSP is not a "BJJ guy," he is a MMA guy. Besides, you think he learns his takedowns from the bjj guys or the Canadian wrestling team that he trains with?

I'd say your originally style or background should be BJJ for this topic.

I'd say Arona and BJ are def. the 2 top guys. And maybe Paulo Filho? Of course, Arona and BJ have worked extensively with wrestling coaches/wreslters to improve that part of their game but thats just more credit to their smart training for MMA. Filho also has judo experience I believe.

Busta also showed some great takedowns vs. Lindland and Rampage.

Doerkson also took down Lindland a few times, very impressive (though give Lindland credit for being aggressive on his feet with striking too and giving up the takedown to go for subs).

Diego was originally a wreslter I believe (as was pretty much every top American bjj guy including Ricco, Terrel, Lister, Vasquez, etc, right?)

As far as takedowns for a "BJJ guy," I think Arona should take the cake, although BJ obviously has the more rounded game.

Sport BJJ?

Jacare, Leo Leite, Marcio Feitosa, Margarida, Leo Viera, Saulo Ribeiro, Royler, Paixao, Garcia's armdrag, and Terere.

Someone who base style is BJJ. Of course everyone cross trains and many BJJers here in America wrestled in HS just like many kickboxers did karate or TKD in there youth.

fedor fool

The Camarillos would have to be on this list