Top 10 PROVEN fighters?

I'm not talking about the mainstream fighters, pioneers, or most wins, etc. I'm talking about the true fighters who are willing to compete against the best every single time and come out on top.

Here is my list (no particular order):

1) Randy Couture

2) Fedor Emelienenko

3) Kazushi Sakuraba

4) Dan Henderson

5) Matt Hughes

6) Vanderlei Silva

7) Antonio Nogueria

8) Jeremy Horn

9) Chuck Liddell

10) Quinton Jackson

In other words, this is my All-Madden team. Who else are more proven than these fighters? They don't choose opponants, special rules, or bitch about outcomes. (Except for maybe Sak at UFCJ..ha) These guys are the true legends of MMA.

Jeremy Horn does not belong in that elite tier of fighters.

Apart from that you are most correct old chap!


The Baron.

very good list, all of those guys step up and fight anyone!

"Jeremy Horn does not belong in that elite tier of fighters."

You should be banned IMMEDIATELY!

"wtf no BJ Penn??"

Not yet. He has probably one of the most skilled. But he has bitched and moaned more than anyone.

BTW - it was between him and Rampage for the 10th spot.

I like Wand and all but who has he fought to really warrent that ranking?He has beaten guys much smaller than himself and he has lost to Vitor very abd , and to Tito who dropped him on his face.He has beaten a tired Rampage, Dan Hederson who weighs about 185, and Saku who isn't that tough anymore.

UFCbarb - I sorta agree but to Silva's credit he does fights like every other show and has beat everyone they put in front of him in Pride. He wasn't my top choice for sure.

Pretty solid list. Not much room for me to argue.