Top game DVD's

Hi guys,

What are the best instructionals out there (gi or no-gi) for dominant pinning positions (mount, side etc).

Thanks for any help


I thought the Saulos mount game was one of the best I have ever seen for the mount position.

i liked mederious and calcavanti tape on the mount

I think Esfiha has some DVD's that cover the top game, especially side.

Mat Thorton's Top game DVD

Cross-Sides Top from Michael Chapman and Tom Oberhue has been
getting a lot of favourable reviews and is unique in it´s presentation of
the material in that they presesnt broad concepts of movement rather
than just a series of techniques. The philosophy is that rather than
bringing you a fish every day they´d rather teach you how to catch
them yourself.

you can't beat thornton's Functional JKD2 Top game DVD. It has 1)
fundamental concepts for holding top position and setting up sub
opportunities--Thornton is very good at explaining and
demonstrating these concepts--and 2) also has tons of specific
techniques. Covers cross-sides, mount, north-south, modified scarf-
hold, and quarter-position top, among other things.

It's a top notch tape, about 1:45 long. Even discounting the interviews
and training footage--which some people don't like, although
personally i think it's interesting--you get a solid hour plus of very,
very good instruction.

Matt Thornton's FJKD 2 (top game) is beyond great. Matt also covers his top game in the Florida 2003 seminar available at (very good as well)

On the Kukak A-Z dvd set, two dvds are devoted to top game. Awesome stuff...fundamentals in holding the postition, tons of set ups/submissions, and it also shows some really good escapes. There are also dvds on the mounted position which are very good.

Mario Sperry covers top game in his vale tudo series. I think each set has a tape or two on cross body/top game. Very applicable to submission wrestling.

Dude, get Thorton's DVD, apply it, and you will see and hit submissions with ease. You could learn a million submissions but if you can't control your opponent from start to finish all the submissions in the world won't help you.

Cheers for the response guys.

I already have the Kukuk A-Z and it does have a ton of techniques.

I was looking for something with more than just a list of techniques but the Chapman/Oberhue series is a bit out of my price range. The FJKD2 tape seems to be the way to go at the moment. Out of interest, does it address striking from the mount?


I haven´t watched it in a while, but off the top of my head, yes. At
least in a small way.

Thorntons fkjkd 2 "top game"

Saulo's volume 2 "crossbody"

Garcia"s are good ,Sperry,Saulo,There is also a Rickson seminar on the net somewhere that is pretty good!cant remember where I found this.