Top ippons day 3 Dusseldorf GP

Coolest technique is #1.  Foot sweeps show the grace of judo.  IN -90k and above you start to see the power of judo.  There is one exception #4 in the video Tushishvili (+100k) Georgia who moves quicker than any in his weight >

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Definitely no cake walk for Riner this Olympics. He has his work cut out for him. The Georgian is 270 pounds.

He is my pick to win the 100+k in the Olympics for Georgia. Can't rememeber a judoka this big that can move like him.. And he can do drop seionage like Kageura but much quicker.  Japan picked Harasawa over Kageura 100+k.  Can't figure this one out.

These guys are incredible and doing techniques you don't see that much.